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How often is the database updated?

The Lost & Found database is updated continuously while on playa, and post-playa it usually is updated daily but during slow periods updated weekly. Keep checking back for your lost items. A lost and found line MAY be added just for participants with a Phone Claim Number.

Which Lost & Found line do I get in?

Line 0 is where you can turn in found items during open hours. Line 1 is ONLY to search for an item if you have a Claim Number for it or if you are looking for YOUR ID with YOUR name on it. Line 2 is for looking for everything else.

Is this the only Lost & Found on playa?

Lost & Found at Playa Info is the official Burning Man Lost & Found. The remaining unclaimed items in this inventory are taken to BM HQ for further work post event. However, theme camps, the Reno Airport, and others run their own lost and found services just for their operations. Items lost at the Reno airport itself are handled by the Reno Airport lost and found department.

Does the Reno Airport bring lost/misplaced luggage to Lost & Found?

Yes, at the luggage owner's request to their airline.

Where do I look for lost keys, glasses and goggles?

They are available at the Oracle Desk during business hours.

Where do I look for lost shoes, water bottles and bike locks?

They are available on a self-search basis at the front of the Lost & Found Lines.

How do I turn in found item after hours?

See our gray night drop box at the front of Playa Info.

Can I pick up someone else's ID/passport for them?

No, not unless you have a signed note from the owner that matches the signature on the ID, or a Lost & Found Coordinator can verify personally, such as with a phone call to the owner on your phone some information on the ID that only they would know.

How safe is Lost & Found if I turn over a wallet?

Lost & Found is very secure. We log items into a database and double lock-up valuables and anything with personal information on it.

Does Lost & Found take lost bikes?

No. Bikes are not considered lost until the event is over. From Monday to Wednesday post-event, lost bikes can possibly be recovered at the Yellow Bike camp (5:30 & A). You must arrive in person and prepare to give a detailed description in order to claim a bike. After Wednesday, unclaimed bikes are donated to nonprofit groups.

What is the chance I will get my lost item back?

It depends on what it is, but overall over 60% of items TURNED IN are reunited with their owners. For things with contact information on them such as IDs and phones, around 80% of those TURNED IN to Lost & Found are reunited.

What happens to unclaimed items?

Unclaimed items are re-purposed, reused, recycled or donated to non-profit organizations. All personal identification information is shredded.

What is the deadline date to contact Burning Man post event to reclaim my item?

All claims for lost items must be filed with Burning Man by October 31st, following the event. Go to https://lnf.burningman.org to look for a lost item after the event and file a claim. You may also search and post a lost item at http://eplaya.burningman.org, the self-serve e-bulletin board.

What if I live outside the US?

If you live outside the United States, and you want your lost item mailed to you, provider your lost item claim mailing service account information as follows: For Canada and Mexico use a FedEx or UPS account. For all other countries use a FedEx account.


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